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The goal of the Babson Latin America Business Club (LATAM Club) is to promote campus awareness and to spread information related to Latin American business, economics, politics, and culture. We provide an opportunity for students to deepen their international understanding of Latin America and allow students to explore diversity on campus, and encourage greater flexibility in thinking about world events from divergent regional perspectives. Our main event, the Latin Entrepreneurship Forum, which is held every year and focuses on the exchange of information with prominent personalities of the Latin American business world about topics such as new opportunities in our region, their understanding of how to manage such unstable environments, having startups in Latin American, financing entrepreneurial ventures, dealing with inflation and globalization, etc. Both, the Undergraduate and the Graduate club work together under one single organizational chart to ensure greater results and greater interaction within Babson's Latin American Community.









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Tatiana Botero Profile

Tatiana Botero

H De Sola Profile

H De Sola

Maria Khamis Asad Profile

Maria Khamis Asad

Freshman Committee Events Chair
Camilla Alfaro Profile

Camilla Alfaro

Isabella Borja Giammattei Profile

Isabella Borja Giammattei

Freshman Committee President
Camila Martinez Profile

Camila Martinez

Events Coordinator
Benjamin Perez Profile

Benjamin Perez

Fiorella Sturla Izquierdo Profile

Fiorella Sturla Izquierdo

Cristina Gonzalez Profile

Cristina Gonzalez

Isabel Altamirano Profile

Isabel Altamirano

Freshman Committee President
Dani Pineros Profile

Dani Pineros

Social Media Manager
Javier Zavala Profile

Javier Zavala

Valeria Simons Profile

Valeria Simons

Marketing President


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