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CODE (Community of Developers & Entrepreneurs) was founded in Fall 2015 by a group of students passionate about the intersection of technology and business. Since then, we're grateful to have done some pretty cool things: - We've grown to hundreds of members - We've hosted a bunch of fun and informative events - We cooperated with Olin School of Engineering to host speaker, networking events - We've done tech consulting with the Blank Center - We've hosted bootcamps for fellow Babson Students - We've attended hackathons around the country and won - And so much more! CODE helps Babson students develop technological acumen to match their entrepreneurial mindsets. We are the go-to campus resource for anything and everything tech, and we're here to help guide you through the intersection of business and technology. If there's anything you need, we're here to help. Just contact us at, connect with us on social media, or see us at one of our events.









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Bobby Grogan

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Charmaine Cera

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Rishika Chakravorty

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Cole Davenport

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Krish Bhatia

Marketing Officer
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Saaz Ahuja

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Layla Al-rashed

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Muya Guoji

Technical Officer
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Cesar Cruz


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