Babson Car Club

Because cars and buisness go hand in hand.


About Us

The Babson Car Club was created to connect those with an automotive passion, those who want to learn more, or those who just enjoy anything about cars, motorcycles, or anything else mechanical. Through many student-run events, on campus and off, this club has proven to be a fantastic networking tool, and a great way to create important relationships with others. Join the car club today, there is nothing to lose, and much to gain.









Members Benefits

- Meet other members and form relationships over similar interests

- Gain access to our group chats, a great source of daily entertainment

- Access to tools from other members

- Get tire inflation help

- Access to jump starts

- Mechanical advice

- And much more from other members in our community constantly looking to help others

Events & Activities

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Exclusive Resources

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Robert Buzzini
Aston Craft
Adamma Eze
Michael Gaw
Bugsy Ginsburg
Aidan Habibi
Felipe Rosset