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The Babson Real Estate Club is a student-led organization that inspires integrity and impact in the real estate profession. The organization aims to cultivate a community of driven individuals who all share a common passion and eagerness to learn about the real estate industry. We host a speaker series throughout the semester with real estate professionals in private equity, development, acquisitions, asset management, and other sectors. These moderated speaker events offer students the ability to engage with market trends and gain insights into the future of the profession. Additionally, we host a speaker panel each semester that offers diverse perspectives from various industry professionals. Beyond this, we host monthly workshops focused on experiential learning – these workshops build entry-level skill in real estate financial modeling, internship recruitment and networking.









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Our Team

Nolan Card Profile

Nolan Card

Cindy Le Profile

Cindy Le

Vice President
Tyler Koenigsberger Profile

Tyler Koenigsberger

VP of Finance
Ryan Boone Profile

Ryan Boone

VP of Education
Ash Mohaghegh Profile

Ash Mohaghegh

VP of Education
Shayna Lathia Profile

Shayna Lathia

VP of Marketing
Lauren Martin Profile

Lauren Martin

VP of Communications
Sarah Yang Profile

Sarah Yang

VP of Brand Management
Hayven Hall Profile

Hayven Hall

VP of Professional Development
Mariana Campos Profile

Mariana Campos

VP of Professional Development
Aaron Burstein Profile

Aaron Burstein

VP of Professional Development
Logan Carino Profile

Logan Carino

VP of Professional Development
Henrique Zingg Profile

Henrique Zingg

Club Representative
Paul Griesmer Profile

Paul Griesmer

Erin Escobedo Profile

Erin Escobedo



Babson Real Estate Club (UG)

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